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At DENKOL FARMS we believe that Agriculture is for all,not every body can practice but everyone can sponsor a farm; We are here to farm and pay you a decent income that will not distort your normal job or business. Agriculture has many risks and many people have gotten their fingers burned by trying to do it themselves. We want to take the risk off you from losing your hard earned money. Invest by sponsoring a farm and we will farm for you while you earn.


DENKOL FARMS has been into rearing of livestock for the past five years. We have experts working round the clock to ensure maximum productivity in our farming activities. We have chosen a niche in Agriculture(Livestock) because we have mastered the act of rearing birds, goats and pigs; We have a secured market for our products but struggle to meet our client's daily demand. There is every need for the expansion of our farm capacity which is why we seek your financial commitment as an investor.



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As farmers with over 5 years of existence and experience we understand our market dynamics and industry; we have two hot selling livestock in our defined market and we intend to rear them commercially under proper hygienic conditions. These livestock are,

Meat Processing: Meat is acceptable by all religion and cultures of the world, almost everyone consumes meat therefore we will be rearing healthy livestocks for our market because of its high demand, We seek to provide a lasting solution by rearing Livestocks in large quantity to meet up with the increasing demand.

POULTRY: At DENKOL FARMS we already have a functional poultry farm but we struggle to meet up with demand due to our farm size. There is a prevalent need for expansion. We already have a market demand of over 70,000 crates of eggs and 2,500 broilers weekly, the number keeps increasing daily. meeting the demand will only be possible if we increase our farm capacity.

RICE PROCESSING: As of 2019, we ventured into rice processing and could not meet up with demand. Our processing machines were mini, we missed so much money because we couldn't meet up with customers' demand. We faced the challenge of maintaining quality in production because of different varieties of rice in the market. This year, we want to cultivate and process quality long grain rice and supply to our market, make money, and share with you.

What Clients Say About Denkol Farms

What our satisfied clients and visitors say about us

queteI was every happy the day I received my interest from Denkol Farms investment. I love Denkol Farms and I will always be an investorquete

queteIf you come in contact with Denkol Farms investment opportunities do not hesitate to invest. I invested in Denkol Farms Rice Processing (2 Units) and cashed out my profits (25%) after 90 days. I have even received text message that my 25kg Rice is ready for pickup. Investment in Agriculture is amazing with Denkol Farms. Olaoluwa Peterquete

queteGod bless Denkol Farms for this wonderful opportunity. quete

queteMy thirst for a viable investment opportunities in Agriculture made me chose Denkol Farms. After a successful investment (Rice Processing), I am confident to say that I made the right choice and will do this again and again. Semiu AOquete

queteI really lack the right words to use to express my gratitude and Joy. Denkol farms have proven to be a very transparent and legitimate company. Trustworthy and reliable. I got my alert in less than 24hours and I was even reminded by the CEO that my money is due for withdrawal, something that is almost impossible for other companies to do. God bless you for all you do. Denkol farms, na you biko.quete